Transforming. Community. Life.

These three words sum up themes that run through the Bible and are key for us at CCC. We describe them here in the context of a recent Sunday morning sermon series, looking at the Prophets.

Transforming... Haggai 2:6-9 speaks of God shaking the earth, filling the place with his glory, and bringing peace.  God is on a mission to transform people and world, and he calls us to be part of that mission.  Jesus went around Israel transforming the lives of people he met and announcing the arrival of the Kingdom of God, and calls his followers to continue what he started.  So we at CCC are to be in the business of transformation with God.

Community... in Zechariah 8:4-6 God, and the prophet, look forward to a time when old men and women will be out in the streets where girls and boys are playing freely - this is an amazing picture of community life, where no one is shut away or lonely, and there good healthy connections and relationships between people.  God's heart is for community that includes everyone - old & young, male & female, black & white - and as God's people we are called to reflect this vision as we connect with each other within CCC and with our neighbours, friends, relatives, and work-colleagues.

Life... Malachi 2:5-6 reminds the people of Israel, and us, that God's covenant promises life and well-being.  Of course Jesus also promised life to those who follow him - both eternal life, and fullness of life - or well-being - here and now.  Life in harmony with God is a life of worship and honour to God - as individuals and as CCC we are called to display that life to the world and to invite others to find that life in God.

Previously we had described our vision for the church as wanting to be "Worshipping people, Connected people, and Kingdom people."  We hope the words Transforming. Community. Life. will communicate clearly to people in Catford something of what we and God are about, and you'll see from the descriptions above that the previous ideas are still part of who we are aiming to be.

Planted in 2002, so a young church, we are excited that the story continues!

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