Here are the most recent talks from Sunday morning services. To download a talk, right click the title and "Save Link As"

Marilyn Checkley, 21st June, 2020
Church Unleashed in Power 

Maureen Biddiscombe, 14th June, 2020
Church Unleashed as Community of the Spirit 

Download presentation (.pdf)

Stephen Maxted, 7th June, 2020
Church Unleashed at Witness 

Kim Knappett, 31st May, 2020
Pentecost - Acts 2 

Ian Butcher, 24th May, 2020
Changing my mind about Matthias - Acts 1 

Stuart Checkley, 17th May, 2020
Walking with Cleopas - Luke 24:13-35 
This talk followed group discussion of the questions on page 2 of this presentation:
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The Easter hymn mentioned at the end is here:

Kim Knappett, 10th May, 2020
Honest Thomas 
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Ian Butcher, 3rd May, 2020
Joanna - Apostle to the Apostles - Luke 24 

Dotha Blackwood, 26th April, 2020
Hope in a Second Choice World - Jeremiah 29:1-14 

Ian Butcher, 15th March, 2020
Ephesians - Being Human 
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Maureen Biddiscombe, 8th March, 2020
Ephesians - The Heavenlies 

During this talk we watched a freely available video from the Church of England 'Everyday Faith' project - you can see the video here. (You might have to unmute the audio)

Ian Butcher, 1st March, 2020
Ephesians - Living God's Story 
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Kim Knappett, 16th February, 2020
Ephesians - Unity & Reconciliation 
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Stuart Checkley, 9th February, 2020
Ephesians - Living In Christ 
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Ian Butcher, 2nd February, 2020
Ephesians - Adopted 
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Stephen Maxted, 19th January, 2020
Ephesians - Elected or Chosen? 

Ian Butcher, 5th January, 2020
Ephesians 3:10 - the Wisdom of God 
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