Greg Sangwine, 15th December 2019 Advent -Joy

Ian Butcher, 8th December 2019 Advent -Faith

Marilyn Checkley, 17th November 2019 We believe in the Trinity

Maureen Biddiscombe, 10th November 2019 We believe in the Holy Spirit

Ian Butcher, 3rd November 2019 We believe in Jesus

Please note, at the start of this talk there is a brief excerpt from a song, I believe in Jesus, which is written by: Marc Nelson ©1987 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP). Recording © SONOS MUSIC RESOURCES, A DIV. OF JACKMAN MUSIC CORP. We have included the recording on the basis of fair use, but of course will remove the recording if requested by the copyright holders.

Ian Butcher, 20th October 2019 We believe in God the Father

Ian Butcher, 6th October 2019 I believe and trust in Him

Simon Trodd, 22nd September 2019 The Wedding Feast

Ian Butcher, 15th September 2019 New and Old

Stuart Checkley, 8th September 2019 Parable of the Rebellious Tenants

Ian Butcher, 14th July 2019 It is finished

Greg Sangwine, 7th July 2019 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Kim Knappett, 30th June 2019 Hospitality

Marilyn Checkley, 16th June 2019 Today, you will be with me

Kim Knappett, 9th June 2019 I thirst

Bridget Shepherd, 19th May 2019 Father, into your hands I commit my spirit

Ian Butcher, 5th May 2019 Father, forgive them...

Ian Butcher, 21st April 2019 (Easter Sunday) I am the Resurrection and the Life

Dotha Blackwood, 14th April 2019 Who do you say that I am?

Kim Knappett, 7th April 2019 I am the Light

Ian Butcher, 24th March 2019 I am the Life

Sam Corry, 17th March 2019 I am the Truth

Marilyn Checkley, 10th March 2019 I am the Way

Trina Simpson, 3rd March 2019 I am the true vine

Ian & Emma Hiley, 24th February 2019 - all-age service I am the vine

Stuart Checkley, 17th February 2019 Jesus, the Good Shepherd - please note there are sections of the recording where members of the congregation are speaking. We have amplified those sections as far as possible to allow you to hear their comments

Ian Butcher, 10th February 2019 I am the Gate - apologies for the low quality recording!

Maureen Biddiscombe, 3rd February 2019 I am the Bread of Life

Ian Butcher, 20th January 2019 John 6:16-21

Stuart Checkley, 13th January 2019 John 1:1-18

Ian Butcher, 6 January 2019 An Adbundant Life

Ian Butcher, 23 December 2018 Christmas

Stuart Checkley, 16 December 2018 The Prophets - Malachi

Phil Green, CEO of Home for Good, 2 December 2018 Home for Good

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